Únor 2011

Cody Simpson -FANS

25. února 2011 v 17:31 | Lealove13
Twitter = Toto fanky pisaly codymu keď výšiel All Day videoklip ,
i loveeed the video:D it was the nicest video ever
The opening is so cool! I love it
watched #AllDayVideo and almost died. so good. Cody dances like a bosss. #swag<3
it's AMAZING, Cody put a lot of effort and work into it, it's perfect :)
i thought it was cuuute haha
It's amazing, and the way he is dancing.. I'm melting, but saving my eyes, so i can see him!
it was great! i loved it best video ever :)
I think it is Awesome <3 I love the song all day <3 143 Cody simpson <3
I seriously can't stop watching! ugh. I love it so much. By far his best music video yet.
luvv that video!! and its such a good song!! <333
Luv it (; Especially like that Jessica Jarrel is in it :DDD
I love it!!!!! Cody looks so grown-up and gorgeous!! <3
AMAZING :D i always knew it was going to be good but it was even BETTER
#AllDayVideo was so good! it got me so pumped for moree videos to come, i hopee!
Ohh is fantastic..I love it!
@elfruler0 AMAZING cody looked great! dancing was SUPER COOL! Best music vid of his yet
cody is really hot and the video is very good <3
Cody looks mature in #AllDayVideo. I'm just addicted to this style of Cody :D love it!
it's really sweet and Cody, you're so talented :)
OMG I love the #AllDayVideo!! It's amazing! You can def tell the hard work Cody put into it! ♥
LOVED IT!! best music video ever its going to be the new Baby
it rocks, i loved it he was amazing and sexyyy
I loved the rain effect so I say it's pretty awesome and Cody was just amazing in it
i thought it was awesome it was the best so far
it was sooooo ahhhhmazing! loved it! #AllDay :)
luv the vid watched it more than 100 times #simpsonizer4life
hmm... well I kinda AM IN LOVE WITH IT.
I've been waiting #AllDay for this video... and I think it's A-MA-ZA-ZING


25. února 2011 v 17:18 | Lealove13
Cody Simpson buďe mať concert s Greyson Chance v L.A túto sobotu ,Feb. 26 at 3pm!
Koncert je zadarmo v Parku , o 4pm budu podpisováť autogramy a môžeťe si urobiť fotku s Codym
Cody zobrazi fotký na jeho stranke v Galerii (http://www.codysimpson.com/photo/category/me-cody/)

Cody Simpson - All Day Video

24. února 2011 v 11:35 | Lealove13
Nový videoklip Codyho Simpsona :))

New :)

9. února 2011 v 15:36 | Lealove13
New :)

Ahojte :))

9. února 2011 v 15:35 | Lealove13
Dlho som tu nebola :/ a mozno ani nebudem tak nemam cas napisat tu nieco nove ./.. Viem ze vas to netrapy :D ale nevadi :)